grid-smart3Now you can incorporate solar lights into the electrical grid and provide years of efficient, maintenance-free lighting. Our standard GridSmart combines the reliability and exceptional performance of LED lamps with advanced solar power generation. GridSmart provides monitored/measured power to your local utility during the day instead of charging batteries. Excess power (produced minus consumed) can be claimed as carbon credit or solar credits. GridSmart is a unique, Made-in-America product especially designed to meet the demanding performance and lighting needs of roadway engineers, the military, landscape architects, and outdoor lighting professionals.










 Photo courtesy of City of St. Pete Beach


GridSmart features are:

  • Turn-key - GridSmart takes less than an hour to mount on a pole
  • Can be used for retrofit applications
  • Standard light wattages range from 40 to 200 watts
  • Designed to operate dusk-to-dawn at maximum intensity
  • UL approved components, designed to meet IESNA standards
  • UL 1741 compliant DC to AC conversion unit
  • Adjustable operating light profiles
  • Single phase, multi-voltage from 240VAC to 208VAC
  • Instant on-off motion sensor option
  • Architectural mount withstands 170mph gusts
  • Cobra head, Shoebox and decorative styles
  • Maintenance free system
  • Mounts on steel and wood poles
  • Remote monitor tracks performance, KwH credits, and Carbon Emissions avoided
  • Carbon credit eligibility
  • Can be colorized to any PMS color
  • Many options for structural, performance and cosmetic enhancements